Congratulations to the graduates of masters!

Author: Elena on 26-12-2017, 15:00, Views: 2 499


   20, 22, 26 december 2017 took place on the protection of master's diploma students work on a specialty 152 "Metrology and Information and measuring equipment"


Defense of dissertations

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22.12.2017 the regular meeting of the Dissertation Council К.64.108.04 on specialty 05.01.02 - standardization, certification and metrological equipment (the chairman - doctor of technical sciences, professor Roman Trisch), which passed public defense of dissertations Kim Natalia, Chelysheva Svitlana.

Dissertations attracted interest from scientists who noted the relevance of the research, pointed to the importance of the results, but at the same time expressed their views debatable character.


Youth Conference «Physics. Computer science. Communication»

Author: Кафедра ОТСиС on 8-12-2017, 12:53, Views: 27 558

December 8, 2017, students and teachers of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy took part in the youth conference "Physics. Computer science Communication ", which was held at the Kharkov secondary school №83. During the conference, the exhibition "Physics. Computer science Communication: Young People's Eyes", in which the exposition of the Department of Labour Safety, Standardization and Certification and the Department of Information, Computer and Polygraphic Technologies were presented.