Training for applicants

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29.03.2019, at the Department of Labor Protection, Standardization and Certification, trainings were conducted for applicants in thematic areas: “Innovations in First-Aid First Aid” and “Quality of Food Products”.The training was attended by students of the Kharkov machine-building college students majoring in "Mechanical measurements".

Training for applicants

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14.12.2018, at the Department of Labor Protection, Standardization and Certification, trainings were conducted for applicants in thematic areas: “Innovations in First-Aid First Aid” and “Quality of Food Products”.

Training for entrants

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We invite applicants to attend trainings.
Thematic areas:
"Quality of food products"
"Innovations of the first medical aid"
The training will be held on December 14, beginning at 1000.

Outside registration for EIT

Author: Кафедра ОТСиС on 15-02-2018, 21:11, Views: 1 226

On February 15, 2018, the staff of the department together with the admission committee carried out a trip to Shevchenko Professional Agrarian Lyceum to register students for external independent test. 56 students of the Lyceum were registered. At the time of registration with students, vocational guidance work was conducted.

Youth Conference «Physics. Computer science. Communication»

Author: Кафедра ОТСиС on 8-12-2017, 12:53, Views: 26 312

December 8, 2017, students and teachers of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy took part in the youth conference "Physics. Computer science Communication ", which was held at the Kharkov secondary school №83. During the conference, the exhibition "Physics. Computer science Communication: Young People's Eyes", in which the exposition of the Department of Labour Safety, Standardization and Certification and the Department of Information, Computer and Polygraphic Technologies were presented.

Сompetition "Safety at work in the first place"

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April 27 to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work in the assembly hall Academy hosted a competition "Work safety in the first place" among the 5 teams of vocational education institutions.


Registration for EIT

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February 15, 2016 members of the department, together with a selection committee realized exit Shevchenko professional agrarian lyceum for the registration of students in the external independent test.


Career Guidance in Kegichovka region

Author: Кафедра ОТСиС on 11-12-2015, 00:53, Views: 1 759


December 11, 2015 Career Guidance was held in Kegichovka Region. Presentation of the department and specialties were held in Chapayevka School, Medvedevka School, Kegichovka Lyceum and Andreevka School


Professional orientation

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19/10/2015 student gr. ДЕА-ПОО12+ПОО13пр. Evgeniya Davydova and Alesya Balanovich with professional orientation work visited the secondary school I-III of Art. №90. The work reported on specialties "Professional Education. Labor safety" and "Professional Education. Metrology, Standardization and Certification".
They showed videos about the profession and the academy, and was invited to an open day to be held on 21/11/2015.
Enrollees became interested in professions and asked questions the Reception Conditions in 2016.

Visit to Sumy

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On April 22 Department of Labor Safety, Standardization and Certificationheld by leaving career-oriented work in the city of Sumy. Were visited Sumy Cooperative College, Sumy Construction College, Engineering College of Sumy State University.