History of the Department

After the reorganization of the Kharkov Mining Institute, first in HIGMAVT, then in the HIVE, teachers of labour safety in 1967 moved to the Ukrainian Correspondence Polytechnic Institute (UCPI), where he founded the Department of Labour Safety.

The organizer of the department and its first head was Vladimir Karpuhin. Among the lecturers-founders of the department - Oleg Gordeyko, Peter Kovalevsky, Boris Illinsky, Gennady Golovkin ,Anatoly Preris, Nellie Maznik, Valentin Lekarev, George Holovchenko. Experienced staff, great professionals, they created one of the best departments of Labour Safety among universities of Kharkov. Soon he joined the ranks of the department of excellent specialists, many of whom came from production. Among them — P. Kirichenko, V. Romanenko, A. Gritsay, V Nebytov, E. Grinker, A. Ore, V. Kravchanin, N. Krupetskij, D. Zinchenko, V. Legostaev. Teachers of the department teach students of all specialties of the institute.

In 1973 he became head of the Department Ph.D., Associate Professor George Holovchenko. In the 70-ies. at the department has created the necessary laboratory facilities, all educational disciplines have received proper training and methodological support, increased the volume of scientific research. The department had a great scientific potential, as evidenced by the number of economic agreements. Implementation of numerous works of economic contracts topics helped to improve the practical training of teachers and the department provides the link with production. Over time, when the department was organized by industry research laboratory (IRL) of the Ministry of electrical industry, which carried out work on commercial contracts with the Leningrad plant «Elektrosila» and Kharkov factory «Electrotyazhmash».

The main directions of the department and IRL:

  • research and development of new purification systems and control of pollution and the environment;
  • research and development of systems for automatic control of concentration of flammable gases in the workplace;
  • analysis of workplace injuries;
  • the impact of the functional state of the worker to safety.

The annual volume of research was 130—150 thousand. Rub. The annual economic effect of the introduction of the department executed works is 250—350 thousand. Rub.

The department has developed a system of automated control of hydrogen leakage in the study of turbine generators at the stands LPEO «Elektrosila». The device was demonstrated at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.

In 1983 the department was headed by high-class professional, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sergey Tulupov. Prior to UСPI long time he headed the mining technical inspection of Donbass. The department has formed a team of highly talented teachers. Within a short period it was created curricula of disciplines, lecture notes, written guidelines for degree design; created two educational laboratories and delivered 14 new labs. More than half of teachers have academic degrees or titles.

In 2006, the department opened a specialty 7.010104 «Professional Training. Life Safety and Labour Safety».

Since 2007, the department was headed by Roman Trisch. Speciality «Professional Training. Metrology, Standardizadion and Certification in Engineering» proceeds from the Department of quality control technology in mechanical engineering, which was led by Professor Boris Arpentev, at the Department of Labour Safety and the Environment. In this connection, and it is changing the name of the department.

Now the Department of Labour Safety, Standardization and Certification prepares professionals in three fields:

  • «Professional Training. Metrology, Standardizadion and Certification»;
  • «Professional Training. Labour Safety»;
  • «Metrology and Information and measuring equipment. Quality, Standardizadion and Certification»


Staff of the department (1978)

 Staff of the department 1978
Top row: A. Ore, V. Kravchanin, N. Krupetskij, is not established, D. Zinchenko, is not established, V. Legostaev
Middle row: P. Kirichenko, is not established, V. Romanenko, A. Gritsay, V. Nebytov, G. Golovkin, Z. Levitskaja, E. Grinker
Bottom row: S. Omelchenko, S. Tulupov, G. Holovchenko, O. Gordeyko, P. Kovalevsky, N. Horhordin

Staff of the department (1998)

 Staff of the department 1998
Top row: I. Filenko, S. Nezhenets, M. Makovetskij, I. Schkurko, V. Kravchanin, A. Gritsay, A. Soldatov
 Bottom row: S. Nazarov, Y. Ruban, S. Tulupov, V. Ivanov, T. Krasnokutskaya, M. Drozdov

Staff of the department (2001)

 Staff of the department 2001

Left to right:

T. Krasnokutskaya, A. Poluhin, V. Ivanov, V. Kravchanin, O. Skvorchevskaya, Y. Lys, A. Soldatov, N. Efimenko, O. Kuprikova, S. Tulupov
 Sits: I. Schkurko

Staff of the department (2012)

 Staff of the department 2012 
Top row: M. Smirnitskaya, E. Chernyak, Y. Lys, A. Kiporenko, T. Deyneko, Y. Kurskoi, A. Soldatov
Middle row: S. Polischuk, I. Sirotyuk, T. Krasnokutskaya, R. Trisch, M. Moskalenko, V. Klimenko
Bottom row: V. Chizhikova, S. Artyukh, S. Tulupov, I. Postelnyak, E. Pashchenko, A. Gritsay, V. Mihailus

Staff of the department (2015)

 Staff of the department 2015
Left to right: E. Chernyak, G. Trisch, O. Maletskaya, S. Artyukh, A. Soldatov, R. Trisch, D. Shmatkov, A. Kiporenko, N. Kozeko, I. Postelnyak, Y. Lys, S. Polischuk, V. Burdeinaya, V. Mihailus