Express Form for Education

  In learning for the bachelor's degree for the first year (with short term learning), to those who took EQL junior specialist (an associate's degree). Reception from EQL junior specialist (junior bachelor degree) to obtain a bachelor's degree carried out on the results of entrance examinations.

  Acceptance of applications and documents professional entrance tests conducted by UEPA, competitive selection and admission to study for a Bachelor of applicants on the basis EQL junior specialist (bachelor's degree Jr.) with short term studies carried out in the following terms:

Table 1. Timing of the opening stages
Stages of introductory
Full-time teaching
Part-time teaching
Getting admission applications and documentsJuly __, 2019July __, 2019
Deadline of applications and documentsno later than 18.00
July __, 2019
August _, 2019
Terms of UIPA entrance examsJuly __, 2019 -
July __, 2019
August __, 2019 -
August __, 2019
The term of publication of the rating list of entrantsAugust __, 2019August __, 2019
Terms enrollment of applicants for public orderAugust __, 2019August __, 2019
Terms enrollment of applicants at the expense of individuals and legal entitiesno later than
August __, 2019
no later than
August __, 2019