Passport specialty


05.01.02 – standardization, certification and metrological maintenance


I. Formula specialty:


Branch of science that studies the creation, optimization and improving the regulatory framework and mechanisms for its implementation, methods and means to all branches of science, technology, the national economy, as well as effective metrological assurance of measurements and tests


II. Fields of research:


  1. Creation of normative documents on standardization, certification and metrological support, development and improvement of scientific and technical terminology.
  2. Scientific and technical basis for of normative documents on the safety of products (processes, works and services) for the life, health and property of citizens, the environment and safety of national economic objects with risk of natural and man-made disasters.
  3. Development of scientifically technical base of the improvement of technical and economic parameters of production systems for the collection, processing and efficient use of technical and economic information, creation of the regulatory framework of resource-saving technologies.
  4. The creation of new and improving existing tools and methods for estimating the accuracy of measurements and quality of products and services to ensure competitiveness in the world market.
  5. Development of systems unification of requirements to scientific and technical products, research compatibility and interchangeability of products.
  6. The research of physical phenomena to construct the measurement standards and measuring instruments.
  7. The research of composition and properties of substances for the creation standard samples.
  8. Development of new and improvement existing methods and tools for measurement and metrology ensuring.
  9. Optimization of schemes of transmission size of physical units from standards to working measuring instruments in order to simplify its structure, reduce the number of of links and steps.
  10. Creating scientific and technical basis for the protection of consumer interests and participation subjects of business activity of Ukraine in the international scientific and technical cooperation and trade.

III. Branch of science, which awarded to advanced degrees:

Technical science