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Industrial practice of 1st year students

Author: Elena on 22-06-2022, 15:29, Views: 21

On June 22, 2022, an online meeting was held, as part of internship, for applicants for higher education (1 year, full-time). A graduate of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering and Pedagogy, majoring in 151 "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies" Tolstorebrov Alexander , who is the head of the training center of "Master Service (Tesla)" was invited to the meeting.

Technological practice

Author: Elena on 18-05-2022, 15:34, Views: 73

Online meetings with stakeholders continue at the Department and Faculty of Energy and Automation, which was planned as part of trainings on various types of practices (technological and undergraduate). On May 12, 2022, the students of our faculty met with the leading specialist in labor protection of the Academy of Culture Galina KONONOVA

Academic mobility in the academy

Author: Elena on 16-05-2022, 19:28, Views: 54

According to the memorandum of cooperation between the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering and Pedagogy (UEPA) and the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), an online briefing was held for students of the Faculty of Energy and Automation with the head of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies and International UIPA academic mobility by Roman Nesterenko.


Free plagiarism test for universities from Unicheck

Author: Elena on 4-05-2022, 18:25, Views: 64

Unicheck has decided to provide a plagiarism check service free of charge starting April 20, 2022. Access to the service will remain free until the end of the year. Unicheck will facilitate the examination of academic texts during the current and next semesters.

Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

Author: Elena on 26-04-2022, 15:36, Views: 127

On April 26, the Faculty of Energy and Automation hosted a round table dedicated to the 36th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. The participants noted that the Chernobyl tragedy, a global catastrophe that threatened the lives and health of millions of people, has forced humanity to reconsider its attitude to nuclear energy and security. But at the same time, this catastrophe became a symbol of humanity and heroism. Those present observed a minute of silence in memory of the liquidators who gave their lives so that such a terrible tragedy would never happen again.

Electronic copy of diploma of higher education

Author: Elena on 6-04-2022, 18:35, Views: 151

The beginning of the war, the unjustified aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine forced many Ukrainians to leave their homes. Of course, a quick meeting under shelling and bombing could have led to what you forgot, or just didn't have time to look for your degree. What to do in this case? We have prepared for you a brief instruction on how to quickly obtain an electronic copy of the document on higher education.

Educational process during martial law

Author: Elena on 18-03-2022, 20:40, Views: 136

Dear teachers and students! The educational process is being resumed at UIPA. All electronic resources of the academy work in a regular mode, including distance learning. During the week 21-27.03.2022 classes are held in asynchronous mode. From March 28, 2022 classes, in addition to non-synchronous, will also be held in synchronous mode.

Defense of qualifying master's work

Author: Elena on 18-12-2021, 17:40, Views: 219

On December 14 and 18, the defense of master's theses of full-time students on the educational program "Professional Education. Metrology, Standardization and Certification" took place. We wish the graduates new achievements and success in their professional activities!

Congratulations to the graduates of masters!

Author: Elena on 12-12-2021, 23:09, Views: 220

On December 11, 2021, master's qualification works were defended. Part-time students of the educational program "Professional Education. Labor Protection" adequately presented their scientific work. We wish graduates success in their professional activities!

Competition for Labor Protection Day

Author: Elena on 22-04-2021, 11:21, Views: 399


We are announcing a competition for the Occupational Safety Day!


1. The best verse or song on the topic of labor protection.

2. The best comics on labor protection.

3. Best video "Healthy lifestyle in quarantine".

Anyone can take part.

Please send your entries to

The winners of the competition will receive useful gifts!

All creative inspiration!

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