Features EIT-2017

In 2017, for admission to a higher education institution (HEI) entrants certificates serves EIT in 2016 and 2017.

Each member of has the right to pass External testing tests no more than four school subjects.

Register to participate in the EIT will take place from February 6, 2017 to March 17, 2017.

To view the procedure of External testing can pass a trial External independent testing. This is a voluntary test persons wishing to enter higher education. Registration of persons to participate in the trial EIT in 2017 will be held from 10 to 31 January 2017. Registration for the passage of the trial test does not provide automatic registration for participation in the substantive session of the external testing.

Features test Program








scores 1

Ukrainian Language and Literature  Ukrainian Language and Literature April 1 May 23 23
Mathematics  Mathematics April 8 May 31 9
Physics  Physics April 8 June 14 8
Chemistry  Chemistry April 8 June 16 18
Biology  Biology April 8 June 8 24
Geography  Geography April 8 June 12 28
History of Ukraine  History of Ukraine April 8 June 2 25
Russian  Russian April 8 June 6 28
English  English April 8 May 29 13
German  German April 8 May 25 11
French  French April 8 May 25 13
Spanish  Spanish April 8 May 25 14


¹ The threshold score – the minimum number of test points External testing on a particular subject, compliance with which gives an applicant the right to participate in the competitive test for admission to study at a higher educational institution of Ukraine. After the test for each subject is going to a group of experts, which is analyzing the test objectives, estimates the probability of a correct answer to each task minimally prepared by the applicant. Expert estimates are averaged, and the average values are used to determine the threshold of «passed / not passed» or so-called «threshold score». Since the «threshold score» determined by after the date of the subject EIT, in the column of the table shows the data for 2016, which can be used as a guide.

The threshold score


  This year, registration for participation in the EIT will begin on 6 February. On this day, on the site of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment option will be open, with the help of which, wishing to participate in the external independent evaluation will be able to generate and print the registration form, which is one of the essential documents for registration.
  School graduates of previous years will be able to register to participate in the External testing alone, and registration points will be created at their place of study for the current year graduates.
  Graduates of this year, filling the registration card should indicate the names of subjects in which they will be counted as the results of the evaluation External testing for the state final certification. Items for the certification of high school graduates should choose your own.
  After creating a registration card for future participant EIT should form a set of registration documents, which this year graduates serving in the institution in which learning, and graduates of the past years and students of vocational, higher education institutions sent to the address of the regional center, which is specified in control information letter.
  The participant has successfully completed the registration, receive a certificate from the regional center of an external independent evaluation, and newsletter registration EIT message. These documents will be sent to the institution in which they study the current year graduates. The graduates of the past years and students in vocational and higher education institutions - at the address given at registration.
  Changes in registration data could be made up to 31 March.
  The participants of the anti-terrorist operation, the persons residing in the temporarily occupied territory or on territory where the public authorities temporarily exercise their powers, which will not be able to register in the basic period can be from 3 to 20 May 2017 to register for the extra session.
  For the graduates of previous years, students in vocational and higher education, living in the uncontrolled territories, which do not have the possibility to send a package of documents by mail, the registration procedure for the participation of external independent evaluation provided for sending documents via email.
  To register for the EIT graduates this year who live in the uncontrolled territories, have to choose the general education institution, where they want to receive a complete secondary education in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.