Meeting with a stakeholder

Author: Elena on 25-05-2022, 15:39, Views: 519

On May 16, students of the first (bachelor's) level (full-time, 4th year) met with the head of the testing laboratory "Personnel-Expert" Oleksii SOLDATOV.

Science Day in Ukraine

Author: Elena on 21-05-2022, 12:42, Views: 564

Dear scientists! Happy Science Day to you! Good health, strength and inspiration, professional intuition and growth, new discoveries in the name of Science and the Ukrainian State!

World Metrology Day

Author: Elena on 20-05-2022, 13:49, Views: 471

In 2022, World Metrology Day is celebrated under the slogan "Measurement in the Digital Era". This topic was chosen for the reason that digital technologies are revolutionizing our society and are one of the fascinating trends of our time.

Technological practice

Author: Elena on 18-05-2022, 15:34, Views: 583

Online meetings with stakeholders continue at the Department and Faculty of Energy and Automation, which was planned as part of trainings on various types of practices (technological and undergraduate). On May 12, 2022, the students of our faculty met with the leading specialist in labor protection of the Academy of Culture Galina KONONOVA

Academic mobility in the academy

Author: Elena on 16-05-2022, 19:28, Views: 487

According to the memorandum of cooperation between the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering and Pedagogy (UEPA) and the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), an online briefing was held for students of the Faculty of Energy and Automation with the head of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies and International UIPA academic mobility by Roman Nesterenko.


Professional development

Author: Elena on 13-05-2022, 16:21, Views: 511

Our teachers in such a difficult wartime teach, write scientific articles, improve their skills. We are proud of you!

Meeting with stakeholders

Author: Elena on 6-05-2022, 15:00, Views: 451

As part of the training on internships (technological, undergraduate) at the department started a series of meetings with stakeholders. On May 6, 2022, first-year (bachelor's) students (full-time, 4th year) met with Artem Gordienko, Head of the Technical Control Department of Ukrelectroremont Plant LLC.

Free plagiarism test for universities from Unicheck

Author: Elena on 4-05-2022, 18:25, Views: 549

Unicheck has decided to provide a plagiarism check service free of charge starting April 20, 2022. Access to the service will remain free until the end of the year. Unicheck will facilitate the examination of academic texts during the current and next semesters.