Participation in the international school of leadership

Author: Elena on 27-07-2022, 11:14, Views: 58

The most active department in the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy. Our teachers Viktoriia Burdeiina, Olena Cherniak, Hanna Grinchenko, Viktoriya Kniazeva participated in the International School of Leadership "Social Entrepreneurship: New Ideas and Opportunities for Teachers and Masters of Industrial Training of the Vocational and Technical Education System of Ukraine". We thank the organizers and lecturers for interesting and developing webinars and trainings.

National scientific-practical forum "Science. Innovation. Quality"

Author: Elena on 9-07-2022, 01:48, Views: 87

We invite you to take part in the National Scientific and Practical Forum "Science. Innovation. Quality" August 9 - 10, 2022, UEPA, Kharkiv, Ukraine. The format is online. More details at the link National scientific-practical forum "Science. Innovation. Quality"

Professional development

Author: Elena on 1-07-2022, 17:57, Views: 74

No matter how hard it is during the war, we do not stop and work.  Our teachers attended online seminars and got acquainted with the main functions and working principles of YouTube, as well as the advantages of its use in online teaching and the main advantages and features of Google for Education solutions for higher education institutions.