Charity action "I - donor"

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October 26, 2015 students of the academy with the lecturer at the department of labour safety, standardization and certification Elena Chernyak, visited Kharkiv regional blood service center and have handed charitable blood. Students on personal experience that it is safe, a noble and useful!


Photo contest "My Ukraine"

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Within of patriotic education has passed a photo contest "My Ukraine", which was attended studentы gr. ДЕА-ПО15. Students sent curator Daniil Shmatkov bright photographs from many corners Ukraine.

Winners awarded pleasant gifts. Thanks for attended!


Professional orientation

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19/10/2015 student gr. ДЕА-ПОО12+ПОО13пр. Evgeniya Davydova and Alesya Balanovich with professional orientation work visited the secondary school I-III of Art. №90. The work reported on specialties "Professional Education. Labor safety" and "Professional Education. Metrology, Standardization and Certification".
They showed videos about the profession and the academy, and was invited to an open day to be held on 21/11/2015.
Enrollees became interested in professions and asked questions the Reception Conditions in 2016.

World Standards Day

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World Standards Day - an international date, designed to draw people's attention to the importance associated with the creation of common standards of action and give a well-deserved tribute to the joint efforts of tens of thousands of professionals who devote their lives and professional skills necessary and responsible work. World Standards Day is celebrated worldwide every year on 14 October.

Day of workers of Standardization and Metrology

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Day of workers of Standardization and Metrology - a professional holiday, which is celebrated annually in Ukraine October 10.
Day of workers of standardization and metrology in Ukraine has appeared in Ukrainian official calendar in 2002, after the October 8, 2002, President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma signed the Decree N 910/2002 «On the Day of workers of Standardization and Metrology" which is enjoined to celebrate it every year October 10. The Presidential Decree Leonid Kuchma, in particular, said that this festival is introduced: "Given the significant contribution of standardization and metrology of workers in the economy development of the state ...".
The decree published in the 101 anniversary of the opening, October 10, 1901 (October 23, 1901, old style), on the initiative of the great scientist Dmitri Mendeleev in Kharkov the first in Ukraine for the verification tent alignment and marking trade measures and weights.


Defense of dissertations

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01.10.2015 and 02.10.2015 the regular meeting of the Dissertation Council К.64.108.04 on specialty 05.01.02 - standardization, certification and metrology (the chairman - doctor of technical sciences, professor Roman Trisch), which passed public defense of dissertations Zharko Yuri, Zaichenko Olga, Katrich Oleg  - for the scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences.