World Standards Day

Author: Кафедра ОТСиС on 14-10-2016, 20:15, Views: 2 976


Each year on 14 October, the members of the IEC, ISO and ITU celebrate World Standards Day, which is a means of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as international standards.

Every year the holidays pass under a certain motto. In 2016, the motto - "Standards create trust"


Defender of the Ukrain Day

Author: Elena on 14-10-2016, 00:49, Views: 2 717


Congratulations on the Day of the defender of Ukraine and the holiday Holy Virgin Protection - bright and joyful day!
I sincerely wish you good health, happiness and inspiration in the revival of the best national traditions of fruitful work for the benefit of the people, for the glory of our native Ukraine! 


Day of workers of Standardization and Metrology

Author: Кафедра ОТСиС on 10-10-2016, 13:14, Views: 5 064


October 8, 1901 Dmitry Mendeleev initiated the establishment and opening of the first tents for checking in Kharkov. It reconciled and made branding weights and trade measures. The 101 th anniversary of this event, as well as extended to workers in this sector contribute to the state economy and the presidential decree was issued. The date of the festival decided to define 2 days later and was appointed for 10 October.
Day of Standardization and Metrology in Ukraine celebrate employees who control measuring equipment and oversee production quality, set standards for an exact match of manufactured goods, process and service provided to their purpose. This metrology (verification officers) standardizer, engineers, and many others, who are involved in this field.


The exhibition "Friends Image "

Author: Kiporenko on 4-10-2016, 14:52, Views: 2 980


Students and teachers of the Department 4.10.16 visited the private gallery "AVEC", which is currently undergoing a unique exhibition " Friends Image", which presents masterpieces of bronze animalistic. The main and, in fact, the only hero of the exhibition is a dog - a symbol of loyalty and devotion.