Participation of the representative of the department in the activities for the Day of labor protection

Author: Elena on 29-04-2023, 15:28, Views: 229

Assistant professor of the department Olena Cherniak took part in an event for the Day of Labor Protection at the Kharkiv Regional Employment Service. In her report, she familiarized employees and heads of departments with the rules for maintaining mental health at the workplace in wartime conditions, talked about measures of psychosocial support and ways to combat stress.

Memorial Day of the Chernobyl tragedy

Author: Elena on 26-04-2023, 18:12, Views: 229

On April 26, 2023, the teachers of the department held an educational event dedicated to the International Day of Remembrance of the Chernobyl disaster. The event was attended by almost 100 listeners, among whom were representatives of the student body and teaching staff of UEPA.

Receiving certificates from the STEM School

Author: Elena on 17-04-2023, 14:07, Views: 235

In March 2023, students of the Department of Automation, Metrology and Energy-Efficient Technologies of the Faculty of Energy and Automation from groups DEA-T19, DEA-A22prisk, DEA-St22prisk participated in STEM School: your first path to success. They studied the peculiarities of scientific activity, programming, organizing work using memes and much more. Now the girls and their mentors have received certificates from the school.

Winter school of a young scientist 3.0.

Author: Elena on 15-04-2023, 21:09, Views: 256

Congratulations to Docent, Ph.D., Head of the Council of Young Scientists of UEPA, Olena Cherniak, on the successful completion of the Winter School of Young Scientist 3.0.

Cyber security tips and wartime fraud schemes

Author: Elena on 14-04-2023, 21:50, Views: 279

As part of the All-Ukrainian information campaign of the National Bank of Ukraine and the educational project of the National Bank of Ukraine "Marathon of Ambassadors of the "Fraud Goodbye!" Campaign against payment fraud, students of the DEA-A22 accelerated group with the curator Fursova T.M. attended an online lecture on the topic: "Cybersecurity tips and fraud schemes in wartime" on April 13, 2023.

Participation in webinars "Labor safety competencies. Basic course"

Author: Elena on 11-04-2023, 01:19, Views: 232

Docent of the department Olena Cherniak completed a cycle of educational trainings on safety and health at work: "Labor safety competences. Basic course". Details in the full news.

Seminar "Academic Integrity"

Author: Elena on 7-04-2023, 23:38, Views: 235

On April 7, 2023, a general academic seminar on the topic: "Academic integrity" was held at the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy.